About Our Store

Welcome to the mxINCedu marketplace for District 303! Some of our students have created their own business and products. Shop our store to find what products our students have designed for you.

Our Marketplace will be open for a limited time, so find your items soon. Please note that if you live in the area, then items will need to be picked up here at the school. Currently shipping is not available but may be considered in the future.

Our Store

Our Program

This is the marketplace for the mxINCedu students to showcase their final products.

Our programs at the middle school level focus on active learning and providing middle school appropriate opportunities for our students. With that in mind, the staff is also committed to our District 303 Vision Statement:

  • Attain Excellence
  • Learn with Passion
  • Live with Integrity

Schools: Thompson and Wredling
Age Group: Middle School


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